About Special Entrance Examination for Privately-Funded Undergraduate International Students Living Overseas

Q.Can I submit the application documents via email or fax?
We do not accept documents sent via email or fax. Please send the documents by post.
Q.Can I submit my JLPT results taken before the date noted on the admission guidelines?
Unfortunately not. Please take the JLPT again to prove your Japanese proficiency. If you are not able to make the submission deadline, you can submit a certificate prepared by the principal or a Japanese language teacher of an educational institution existing in a country other than Japan in accordance with education system of that country.
Q.Do I have to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score?
It is not mandatory. However, please submit the score if you have taken TOEFL or IELTS before.
Q.How will I be informed of the place, date, and time for my interview?
After the document screening, applicants for whom an interview is required will be notified via email.
Q.What should I do first to apply for a graduate program at Osaka University?
First, please choose which graduate school and professor you would like to study at/with and contact the school/professor. The Osaka University website offers a database where you can find researchers in the university.

Researcher Search System:

The contact information of academic staff members may be unavailable. In such case, please contact the graduate school that the researcher is affiliated with.

For the contact information of each graduate school, please visit:

Q.Where can I find more information about undergraduate / graduate admissions?
Please contact the school, faculty, or graduate school where you would like to study. You can find the relevant contact information on the following website:


Q.I want to know detailed information about tuition fee exemptions and scholarships.
Please refer to page 21 and 22 of the following website for more information about tuition fee exemptions and scholarships:



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