2017 Special Entrance Examination for Privately-Funded International Students Living Overseas -- Type II

For more information, see guidelines.
Intended for: individuals who live outside Japan and have received school education in Korea and have Japanese Language Proficiency Test Grade N1 or equivalent.
*Individuals who passed this examination will not take part in the preliminary and extensive Japanese education program before enrolling in Osaka University.
For more information, see guidelines to be announced at a later date.

Important Dates

August 1 - August 31, 2016: Application submission

Early September – early December, 2016: Selection of applicants (an interview and a basic knowledge assessment will be held if necessary)

Mid-December, 2016: Announcement of selected applicants

Early-March, 2017: Eligible applicants complete the procedure for enrollment to the undergraduate school as a first-year student

April, 2017: Enrollment as a 1st year undergraduate begins

To download documents for Type II

How to pay the entrance examination fee for the Special Entrance Examination for Privately-Funded International Undergraduate Students Living Overseas Type I or Type II

Applicants are encouraged to check the details noted below and pay the entrance examination fee by credit card or via ChinaPay.

1.Any of the credit cards noted below are acceptable:
  • ・Credit cards
  • ・ChinaPay
(1)Payment can be made within the application period, but applicants need to send their application forms by mail after making payment. Therefore, please complete these procedures as soon as possible in consideration of the time it will take for mail delivery.
(2)When paying by credit card, the card holderʼs name does not have to be the same as the applicantʼs name. When a family member completes procedures on the applicantʼs behalf, place the applicantʼs information into the applicant information entry screen.
(3)Login to the webpage noted in the email you receive upon completion of payment and print two copies of the Payment Details. Enclose one copy when sending your application form and keep the other one as proof of payment.

entry for e-apply

If you cannot pay in the above-mentioned way, direct questions to Admission Division, Department of Education and Student Affairs, Osaka University

【For more information about these examinations, contact:】
Admission Division, Department of Education and Student Affairs, Osaka University 1-1 Yamadaoka, Suita 565-0871
Tel: +81-(0)6-6210-8238


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